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How to choose a guide rail cargo lift platform

Mar. 06, 2020

Many users do not know how to choose such products or are suitable for using such equipment when purchasing rail lifts. To know how to choose rail lifts cargo lift, they must first start from the structure, function and For a detailed understanding of what kind of venue is used, here is a introduction for friends who want to purchase goods lift platform.

How to choose a guide rail cargo lift platform

Guide rail cargo elevator structure brief: 

guide rail elevator is mainly divided into lifting operation guide rail, cargo table, hydraulic lifting system (including: hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic power unit), electrical control system and other components.

1. Use of guide rail elevator: 

This device can be used indoors and outdoors in multi-story workshops, warehouses, production plants and other places, and can also be used to lift and lower the goods in the basement. 

Go to the cargo table (the size of the table used for lifting cars is generally 3x6 meters, the load is 3 tons), lift the car vertically from the ground to the bottom or transport the car from the parking lot below to the ground. The load capacity of the rail-type hydraulic lifting platform is less than 100 tons, and the lifting height is less than 40 meters. Users can choose their own load capacity and lifting height.

2.Hydraulic system:

(1) Hydraulic cylinders: 

This equipment adopts hydraulic lifting and uses side-mounted vertical hydraulic cylinders. According to the increase of user needs, the diameter of the cylinders designed for the load capacity and the size of the table is different. The number of cylinders used is single. Cylinder, double cylinder, four cylinder, etc. 

(2) Hydraulic pumping station: 

The hydraulic pumping station is the heart of the rail-type lifting platform. The amount of oil output from the hydraulic pumping station directly determines the speed of the elevator and the tonnage of the elevator. It is mainly composed of motor, hydraulic oil pump and oil return valve. The hydraulic pump station is divided into three types: a sound pump station, a whistle pump station, and a silent one. When purchasing cargo lift, you can choose what type of hydraulic pump station according to the quietness of the use site. The lower the noise, the higher the cost.导轨货梯 (5).jpg

3. Lifting operation guide: 

The assembly adopts square tube welding or h-type guide steel. Also is according to the actual demand of the user (rise, load, mesa dimension) the material that USES different model.

4. Cargo table: 

The main material of this part is rectangular pipe, and the cargo table of guide rail hydraulic elevator is generally rectangular. If the cargo tonnage is large (more than 10 tons), additional bearing auxiliary beam is needed. The descending block is fixed on the loading platform.

5. Electrical control system: 

Mainly divided into main distribution box and floor control box. Display and digital display control. Jinan WEMET LIFT adopts digital programming control system, simple operation

6. Guide lift door: 

The whole device can choose manual or electric door, electric door and equipment linkage safety coefficient is higher, the so-called linkage is cargo mesa on a floor, a floor door open, when the door is open the whole equipment without electricity can't lifting operation, when the cargo leave a layer of mesa door shut automatically. The types of doors are available in the following styles for the user to choose from.

(1) floor door: floor door can be installed with stainless steel fold-off elevator door, aluminum alloy shutter door and mechanical manual door.
(2) cage door: the cage door is also the above materials.

User when choosing guide freight lifter can choose suitable configuration according to the above introduction, the configuration of the high cost, high performance-to-price ratio is low, low configuration of safety in production, hope customers when choosing equipment configuration for enquiry I consulting companies, our company is equipped with professional designers will provide you with the highest ratio of use. 

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