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How to maintain the home lift can not be forgotten

Mar. 06, 2020

As the living standard is getting higher and higher, in a lot of family villa residential area, now many cities in the building period, will reserve the elevator well location or supporting the installation of home elevator, which for users travel to save a lot of time.

Villa indoor elevator installation, also need to carry out appropriate maintenance and maintenance, to ensure the best life of the elevator, in the daily use of the elevator process, it is inevitable to appear this or that problem, so need to regularly according to the requirements of the time maintenance and maintenance manufacturers.

How to maintain the home lift can not be forgotten

How often does the elevator need to be maintained?

Different driving mode, different manufacturers have different Suggestions for their own maintenance cycle, screw residential lift should be the current maintenance of the less frequent requirements of the elevator, a year of maintenance of the recommended number of 2-4, other driving mode manufacturers will suggest a half month maintenance or a month.

Maintenance will do what items? 

Generally speaking in the villa indoor elevator maintenance process, whether screw or traction elevator, lubricating oil is necessary maintenance products. Because the elevator can run up and down in a straight line, the reason is to rely on the principle of conveyor belt elevator fluctuation, in a long time inside the pulley is easy to lack of lubricating material as the basis, resulting in the elevator operation is not smooth. In order to solve this problem, with the help of proper treatment of lubricating oil, the stability and safety factor can be improved during operation to ensure that the quality of operation is more in line with the will.

In addition, the indoor elevator of the villa belongs to consumables, so it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear of the equipment. 

During regular maintenance, it is necessary to check whether the parts are loose or the loss is too large, and whether the lines are aging. If necessary, timely replacement should be carried out to avoid affecting the future use. It can provide convenience in many aspects, such as improving the use time of the elevator, to ensure more effective progress in the use of the work.

 It is recommended to do routine inspection and maintenance within the period recommended and stipulated by the manufacturer

and to carry out comprehensive system maintenance within half a year, which is the key to improve the use standard of the elevator.

How to master the villa home elevator maintenance methods

in the daily application stage can provide great help, let the operation of the elevator more assured. This is the direction that every household that installs home elevator should emphasize, so in the direction that early stage elevator brand chooses, also want to choose formal company as far as possible, make sure after sale and service have safeguard.

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