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Design key points of automobile rotating platform

Apr. 22, 2020

Generally speaking, the space organization of automobile car turntable hall includes two parts of inner and outer space. Outer space refers to the location and layout of automobile exhibition hall, and inner space refers to the inner space of automobile exhibition hall. These two Spaces constitute the space organization of automobile exhibition hall.

Design key points of automobile rotating platform

I. site selection and layout of automobile exhibition stand

First, the auto show class construction should conform to the requirements of the overall urban planning function, both the edge area of city center good traffic conditions, but also by city economy strong radiation, suitable for the construction of the large auto exhibition center, car booth is obviously fit for location in the heart of automobile base, reach the role of good contact with the outside world;

Design key points of automobile rotating platform

Second, the automobile booth building should fully carry out market research and feasibility analysis, starting from the commercial requirements, the layout adopts the principle of "balance" to form their own stable business circle. According to the city's economic development, consumer density, social and cultural environment and many other factors to determine the number of exhibition hall, service radius and specific location. Due to its large area and small number, the layout of large-scale intensive automobile trading exhibition hall is basically consistent with the urban population distribution and regional purchasing power.

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